Holding A Successful Open House

One of the ways that your Real Estate Professional suggest to market your home is to host an open house if he/she decides that it will be beneficial to the sale of your house.

Steps to host a successful include:

Planning – Checking a date that will not conflict with other events that could sidetrack potential visitors. You will not get too many buyers on Mother’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday. Your Real Estate Professional will be able to provide you with sound advice on how to best showcase your home. Remember to remove clutter to maximize your space.

First impressions is the best impressions – If your home looks well kept it will give a favourable impression to potential buyers. Different seasons require different projects at home such as keeping your gardens mowed, your leafs raked and your sidewalks shoveled. Review more tips for preparing your home for sale here (link)

Promotion – Here your Real Estate Professional will have an opportunity to demonstrate his/her abilities and the marketing techniques to promote your open house event and make it a successful one!

The Day of The Open House

Let your agent take charge of the open house and allow your representative to counsel you accordingly on how to prepare your home for the agent and when to leave in order for your the your event to begin. It is a well known fact that visitors and potential buyers will feel more comfortable to ask direct questions about your property to your Realtor and linger to take a good look at the things that are of interest or concern to them about your property.

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